Stopping Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

I have watched lots of heartbreaking stories on YouTube about youngsters with deadly disorders that finally choose the lifestyle of these minor youngsters and the mother and father extra instances than not inquire how arrive God took the life of my minimal little one. I have been searching into this dilemma and what I have uncovered is incredibly upsetting.

So significantly I have discovered that God has provided gentleman cures to lots of diseases the problem is that man is so greedy that man would rather hold the get rid of secret and make a good deal of funds from pharmaceuticals made to continue to keep them rich and at the exact time check out though your loved ones slowly but surely die. God says that male has a sinful nature and is naturally evil. I are unable to imagine of nearly anything extra evil than this.

I preserve hearing about all the advancements in modern day medication now and about how we are considerably far better off nowadays than we had been 50 several years back. I would concur with this assertion as much as the advancements in traumatic medicine is concerned but what took place to the rest of the market?

The very last disease that was healed to my expertise was polio way back in in 1953. I dislike to burst anyone’s bubble but that was 65 many years ago! What has the healthcare profession been carrying out for the previous 65 yrs? It appears to be to me that modern clinical career is much more worried with providing significant priced drugs than curing any person of anything at all.

Back again in 2001 my wife was identified with a fatty liver, form 2 diabetic issues, hypothyroidism, substantial blood pressure and melancholy. For the very last sixteen several years the medical medical practitioners have put my wife on about twelve different drugs. The price of these drugs to the insurance company came to around $3,000 a thirty day period or $36,000 a calendar year.

She would shoot up two different types of insulin a working day moreover consider three various supplements for her sort two diabetic issues. She would get one capsule a working day for her hypothyroidism, 3 tablets for her depression and one more three capsules for her significant blood pressure.

It appeared like whenever we would go to the medical professional we could increase another tablet to our relatives of prescription drugs. Immediately after sixteen decades of this I decided I would search into this myself mainly because following all this time and income my wife was not emotion any improved than when we very first went to the doctor sixteen a long time back.

The following time my spouse went to the doctor I went with her. I started from the commencing of my wife’s problems and questioned the doctor what had been finished to get rid of her fatty liver. Her medical professional informed me that there’s practically nothing they could do for a fatty liver there was no magic tablet. Considering the fact that all her health-related challenges commenced with a fatty liver I figured this was a superior area to begin my investigation.

I have listened to a lot of individuals make exciting of the world wide web but as prolonged as you “take into account the resource” there are some quite intelligent men and women instructing medication for free of charge. I listened to an hour and a half lecture by Robert H. Lustig MD, UCSF Professor in the division of endocrinology. The plan I listened to was referred to as “Sugar the Bitter Fact.” Towards the end of his lecture he stated that apple cider vinegar dissolves the body fat from the liver.

We applied just one tablespoon of Braggs Organic apple cider vinegar in eight ounces of purified drinking water once in the morning and once in the evening. I understood it would acquire some time to dissolve the unwanted fat from her liver because she has had this situation for about sixteen years. Immediately after about a few months she commenced dropping excess weight and felt more energetic.

My spouse utilised the apple cider vinegar for a tiny more than a 12 months and went from 153 lbs to 118 pounds. We then went to her health care provider and scheduled more blood checks. Just after talking with her medical doctor I asked him how her liver check scored and her medical professional advised us that she no for a longer period had a fatty liver and her blood tests came back again in the regular array.

With my wife’s liver now back again to normal we started off looking into approaches to prevent my wife’s type 2 diabetes. I was observing on YouTube a medical professional named Dr. Jason Fung. Dr Fung graduated from the College of Toronto and he is presently working towards drugs at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fung has several programs on YouTube and I listened to as a lot of as I could find. Dr Fung was stating that the present-day medical institution is dealing with variety 2 diabetes all mistaken. He claimed that offering a diabetic insulin would be the same as giving an alcoholic alcohol to heal his alcoholism. He also stated that the insulin helps prevent your human body from burning extra fat so the extra insulin you acquire the fatter you get. Dr Fung also says that diabetic issues is a dietetic issue that can be corrected with the right eating plan.

On July 7 2018 my wife went on Dr Fung’s minimal carb, significant excess fat food plan. promptly she stopped injecting the two sorts of insulin she made use of day by day and following about five months she stopped getting her diabetic products. (Invokana, Januvia and Lisinopril).

When she initial went on the reduced carb, superior body fat diet regime we would examination her blood sugar amounts 3 times a day. The rule of thumb we employed was if her blood sugar analyzed close to 150 we were being happy with that. We noticed on this eating plan that her sugar amounts progressively started out coming down. When her sugar degrees hit in the 130’s she would get rid of a single of her pills. When her level continually hit the 120’s she would then remove yet another capsule.

It took a minimal about 3 months for my wife to be totally off all of her diabetic drugs. Dr Fung claims that the extended you have had diabetic issues the lengthier it will choose to be totally off the diabetes medicine. My wife was a diabetic for around sixteen several years.

Mainly because of the bodyweight reduction she no for a longer period demands her a few medications for substantial blood force. Her blood force is regularly around 110 over 70. Because she no extended will take insulin she no lengthier needs her medicine for hypothyroidism. In summary, If you know any one with sort two diabetic issues have them go to YouTube and type in “Dr. Jason Fung” and stick to his information.

Also if you know anyone that is more than excess weight and cannot get the pounds off permit them know it can be likely due to a fatty liver. The foodstuff industry would have you consider that this is because of to way too much excess fat in your eating plan. Not true! The truth is becoming above excess weight is owing to sugar in your diet plan.

Dr Fung says that your metabolism can possibly burn sugar as vitality or it can melt away excess fat for energy. That is why the high extra fat, reduced carb diet functions. When you slash out the sugar from your food plan your human body will then start off to melt away the excess fat as gasoline.

Dr Lustig of “sugar the bitter real truth” describes it this way. When you eat meals that is made up of sugar your liver stops processing the foods and devotes all its assets to processing the sugar. Your liver then stops processing the food stuff and turns the foodstuff into fat.

Sugar has also been confirmed to bring about cancer. In 1968 there was a study finished in which the researchers put mice on a sucrose diet regime. Over half the mice formulated cancer. That research then was promptly silenced. you can find this analyze by typing in the Google bar “does sugar result in most cancers”.

I hope whoever requirements this guidance employs it and will not give up due to the fact what I wrote is effective and is the truth.

The future health-related problem we are doing work on is my wife’s melancholy, She is presently using 3 drugs for this. I’ll let you know how it operates out.

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